Range of services

Freight Forwarding



We offer our customers end to end logistics. Whether you are shipping by air, ocean , multi-modal or even doing cross border business we have all the solutions under one roof.                   

  • Airfreight 
  • Sea freight 
  • Multi-modal 
  • Consolidation 
  • Cross Trade 

Projects Logistics



We have done it all ,ranging from air charter to ship charter or even part loads. Whether you have ODC or break bulk requirement ,we can do it.Our range of Services Include 

  • Charter Services 
  • Project Registrations 
  • Project Management 
  • Project Clearance 
  • Project Warehousing 

Supply Chain Consulting



We provide supply chain consulting ranging from assessment, planning ,design 

and execution. 

  • Supply Chain Assessment 
  • Freight Cost Study & Optimization 
  • RFQ Management & Bid Process 
  • Process Flow Design & Technology 
  • Route Optimization 

Customs Brokerage



We provide customs brokerage services backed by our in house experienced team 


  • Customs Classification 
  • License registration 
  • Government Policies & Subsidies 
  • Various Permission required from customs. 
  • AEO certification 
  • Compliance and impact assessment 

Warehousing & Distribution



Our Services include 


  • Leasing of Warehouse Space 
  • Up Stream & Down stream logistics 
  • WMS -MIS 
  • Packaging 
  • Invoicing & Order Management 
  • Domestic Transport  

Support Services


       Our Services Include 

  • IOR/EOR 
  • Fumigation 
  • Certifications (Embassies, Ministries)
  • SGS Inspection 
  • L/c Proofing 
  •  Environmental Clearance 
  • Wireless Equipment Approval 
  • Quality & BIS approval 
  • Marine Insurance 
  • Container Leasing