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We offer short and long term leases of both new and existing containers. New containers ex. Works or positioned to your place of demand and existing containers from  depots. Containers in our existing fleet consists mainly of standard 20' containers,  20' Open Top containers, 40' containers and Refrigerated containers and other specialized equipment. The Lease contracts have the advantages of flexibility which often is a necessity in an ever changing market environment. The Lessee will be granted certain redelivery locations as well as conditions for the returned equipment i.e. repair standard and quantities in any given month.

We can also offer a full service Lease where pre-agreed repair cost and maximum return flexibility is offered for certain type of equipment

Container Logistics and Repositioning activities

AGS provides consultancy and support to various shippers and consignees world-wide for container logistics and repositioning activities - with key focus being Indian subcontinent.

AGS Logistics Pvt Ltd